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Girl’s Indoor Relay Win for Collingswood 04/20/2018

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By Sophie Steidle

As I stood near the finish line awaiting the loud booming voice over the loudspeakers to announce the final score for the girls’ group 1 relay team championship title, my stomach felt tied in knots. The suspense hung in the air like a thick cloud clearly hanging over every member of the girls’ indoor team. With fantastic performances by our 4×200, 4×400, 4×800, and Distance Medley, leading to three-second place finishes and one fourth place finish, the odds seemed to be in our favor. But with Willingboro HS hot on our heels in the team standings, the title was up for grabs. Although our team was able to hands down beat Willingboro in some of our events, strong performances in the High Jump relay and 55 hurdle meter dash relay resulted in a quick gain in points, causing Willingboro to close the gap and, even at one point, gain the lead.

The entire day seemed to be an emotional and physical rollercoaster, from running races determined to win, to stressing about team points and strategically thinking about what physically we had to do to either keep the lead or gain the lead.

As I was waiting impatiently for the groundbreaking announcement, I found myself reflecting upon the myriad of races that took place earlier that day. Counting points in my head, hoping that it was enough, hoping that we’d get the win. With a crack of static that startled my teammates we all knew it was time. “In third place, Metuchen High School.” As my heart raced similar to me earlier I felt as though it might jump out of my chest causing my stomach to start to tie itself into even tighter knots. “In the second place, Willingboro High School.” Relief hits me like a brick wall. I’m overcome with joy! I can feel the giant block of stress melt away from me leaving my body feeling light. Instead of heavy legs exhausted from the pounding of the brick colored rubber track, I find myself smiling a crescent moon smile, unable to stop. All of my teammates including myself let our legs take over and we run to each other in open arms. Even now, as I reflect on that Saturday I couldn’t have asked for a better memory so perfect for my Freshman year, waiting with my teammates and my friends for the results. Cheering for each other and celebrating with each other is an amazing experience. We’re always happy for each other when one of us has received a new personal best or qualifies for Group Championships or Meet Of Championships. Being supportive and happy for each other is the true meaning of a team.


AAO Black Panther 04/20/2018

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By: Aron Arnarson O’Neill

Black Panther is now the third most successful Marvel movie and the 5th most successful movie opening of all time. With a box-office total of $421,915,776, it beat out Captain America: Civil War and even Spider-Man Homecoming. After seeing Black Panther twice myself, it’s easy to see why. Black Panther told a thrilling story of the new king of Wakanda, T’Challa, and his struggles protecting Wakanda and doing the best for his people.


Black Panther hosts a cast of 15 black actors and two white supporting actors. This is quite a statement in Hollywood. Black Panther also has many strong female leads. These are some of the reasons why Black Panther has been such a massive success.


So here is my humble opinion: (SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet,  (which I highly recommend you do) the following contains spoilers). On my first viewing of Black Panther, I was completely engaged and immersed throughout the entire viewing. Every scene is crafted masterfully and, while I do wish there was a bit less CGI, especially in the final battle, which was done almost all in CGI, the CGI did look amazing. The cinematography was beautiful, the writing wasn’t bad at all and definitely had its moments. The ending was fulfilling and heartfelt. I would give it an 8 or 9 out of 10.


Now, I’m going to talk about my favorite scenes, because that is the most fun thing to talk about!. My favorite action sequence is probably the chase-scene through South Korea. It was just such a well choreographed chase and had many amazing moments. Such as when T’Challa digs his claws into the road, lifting up the car he was on top of in order to make a tight turn. Scenes like that really make you appreciate how powerful vibranium is. Another moment is when T’Challa’s general, Okoye, throws her vibranium spear through the car they are tailing, landing in front of it, and causing the car to crash into the spear.


Another scene that comes to mind is the mini-civil war in Wakanda. After Erik Killmonger takes over Wakanda and orders the nation to rage war on the rest of the world, T’Challa comes to the rescue to stop the shipments of weapons from leaving Wakanda. This is one of my favorite parts of the movie because it really shows how talented the warriors of Wakanda are. Also watching the White Gorilla, M’Baku, tossing people across the field with his massive club will never get old. The end of the fight shows T’Challa carrying the dying Killmonger somewhere to watch the sunset. It’s a beautiful scene because Killmonger mentioned earlier that his deceased father had said the sunsets in Wakanda are the most beautiful in the world, and Erik never got the chance to see them. I highly recommend that everyone go and see Black Panther!

Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved? 04/20/2018

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By Sophie Steidle

The mystery that has baffled historians since 1937 may be finally coming to a close, due to a recent discovery by forensic scientists. Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone; however, on her last flight, her second attempt to fly around the world at the edge of the equator, Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan went missing. They lost contact over the Pacific Ocean after taking off from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although there are many assumptions made to what had happened to the legendary aviator, no one truly knows what might have caused things to go wrong, up until now….

A recent analysis by a Tennessee anthropologist suggests that bones found on a nearby island where Earhart last had radio contact, resembles a woman about Amelia’s height. In fact, the Today Show broadcasted that they are, “99% percent sure the bones belong to Amelia Earhart.” Of course, more tests will be made to prove their assumption true, but if the bones are truly Earhart’s, the mystery could be coming to a close. The University of Tennessee stated that, “ (a) 1940 search party found a piece of a woman’s shoe, a sextant box (an instrument used to measure distances between two objects) of the kind Earhart’s navigator Fred Noonan would have used and a Benedictine liqueur bottle of the sort that Earhart was known to carry.” This lead to a possible conclusion that Amelia Earhart crashed her plane and died as a castaway on the island of Nikumaroro, the same island these recent set of bones were found. For now, the mystery seems to be unanswered, but for eager historians, a true ending to this decade-old mystery may be right around the corner.


TSA Members Working Hard 04/20/2018

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By Sophie Steidle
With the April deadline crawling closer and closer for the Technology Student Association competition, Ms. Gonzalez’s group of students are working hard on their projects and looking forward to representing Collingswood at the event held at TCNJ. Freshman Jianni Nieves is personally ecstatic,We’ve been working really hard on our future project and are all really looking forward to it (the competition).When asked about the project Nieves states, “We have established a great idea and are working on the minor details now in preparation to the competition.” TSA, or Technology Student Association, is an organization offered by Collingswood and other High Schools and Middle Schools throughout the country that inspires the next generation of future engineers, scientists, and technologists. This is done by offering them various problems that they are directed to solve by developing a product or presentation. According to the TSA website, “230,000 middle and high school students participate in the TSA program every year.”  While already being 30 years in the making, the TSA program looks like it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Good Luck to the TSA members this year!

Our Zone 04/20/2018

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By: Sam Gurcsik

Defense is the foundation to any great team. Without a strong defense, there is nothing stopping good teams from burying 3’s and driving the lane. The Collingswood Girls Basketball team really focuses on defense to shut teams down and can hold them to the smallest amount they have scored all season. Girls that could score 40 points easily in one game were held to under 10 when playing the Panthers. The team definitely struggles when it comes to offense, but defense holds them in most games. No matter what, they always play a zone, and they play it well. They focus on perfecting one defense to the best of their abilities rather than learning multiple ones and being okay at them. They wouldn’t have nearly as many wins as they did this season if it weren’t for their powerful, containing defense. According to NJ.com, a high school sports media website, Collingswood Girls Basketball has the best defense in the state. They ranked number one amongst Group 1, 2, 3, and 4 schools. When the article came out towards the end of the season, they only had 521 points scored against them while the closest school behind them has 609. This was a great accomplishment for the Panthers and one of their proudest moments this season.

One of the games that Collingswood defense particularly thrived in was against Haddonfield. Their girl’s team typically scores 50, 60, and, in some games, even 70 points. During their game against Collingswood, however, they were held to 30, one of their season lows. Another game Collingswood showed off their defensive edge was against Deptford, a team that can easily score into the 50s and 60s. In the game against Collingswood, they were only able to score 18, the lowest they have all season. Collingswood Girls Basketball certainly has a defensively motivated team that gives them a special dominance when playing teams that rely on scoring a lot. This strong component they carry boosted them to a 16-12 record, one of the best they have had in awhile. They also helped to secure Coach O’Neill’s 400th win, a moment they were all ecstatic to contribute to. They are hopeful to take their defense to even higher levels next year and lock in an even better record.

Why Stranger Things Fans are Falling for Steve Harrington 04/20/2018

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By Kiara Ventura
Everyone is falling for fan-favorite character of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery in the new season. It’s difficult to not love Steve. His luxurious hair and character development has astounded the Stranger Things fandom since season one. We all hoped to see more of Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan, especially after the final episode in season one. Some of us still thought he was the stereotypical jock that picked on Jonathan.

At the beginning of season two, we pleasantly discovered that Steve is no longer the bully we saw in season one. Ever since he bonded with Jonathan and Nancy in season one, Steve starts to get used to seeing Nancy talk or comfort Johnathan. In the wake of what happened to Jonathan’s brother, Will, Steve grew into a caring character. Fans had already guessed that Jonathan and Nancy would eventually get together, as their relationship is something most viewers enjoy. Some fans would rather Steve and Nancy to work things out, but the action really moves the story forward for both Steve and Jonathan.

Without Steve and Nancy’s breakup, Dustin and Steve wouldn’t have become the most iconic duo in season two. What made everyone fall for Steve this season, is the father figure attitude he displayed with the kids. It made season two even more enjoyable when Dustin’s sarcastic and childish humor crosses paths with the stereotypical jock. Seeing two characters that are unlikely to meet, team up, give each other advice, and fight monsters make the characters more lovable. Sure, we’d like to see Steve and Nancy talk about how their friendship will continue, but the majority of fans would love to see another Steve and Dustin adventure!

Why Persona 5 is My Pick For GOTY 2017 04/20/2018

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By: Timothy Cook

The award season has long been in full swing for the video game industry, with the annual shout-outs from major outlets and events such as IGN, The Golden Joystick Awards, and The Game Awards headlining gaming websites across the media. The purpose of giving out awards is to give praise to certain video games that stood out from their genre to offer a new look at what makes a game…well, a game. At this year’s Game Awards, 5 games in particular earned nomination for the Game of The Year award: Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, Persona 5, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Obviously, my pick and personal favorite of the quintuple is Persona 5, an RPG developed by small-time developer Atlus for the PS3 and PS4.


Persona 5’s setting takes place in the bustling metropolis of modern-day Tokyo, where you take the role of a 16-year-old who’s been falsely accused of assault, residing in an oppressive world ruled by twisted and nefarious adults. Along the course of your 100-plus hour adventure you live a double life as a student, befriending fellow social outcasts of differing backgrounds and running late for the train to school, and as a part of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group hidden from the public eye devoted to “stealing” the hearts of the corrupt and deceitful to reform the imbalances in Tokyo’s society for the greater good.


The vast number of characters that I encountered throughout the game, from a talking cat to a shady doctor that supplies barely legal drugs, all have unique personalities and individual missions of their own that allowed me to adapt and relate to their circumstances in the story in no time. The slow development and changes that much of the cast members of Persona 5 go through along the way constantly has my yearning for more information on their back-stories and origins. The game’s plot is never afraid to sway to mature and dark themes, from abuse and suicide to sexual harassment and blackmailing, which always leaves the atmosphere unpredictable and tense, and develops a ghastly realization that the setting of Persona 5, despite featuring the concept of using manifestations of your own personality to battle demons in an alternate dimension, isn’t much different from reality; something most games try to avoid.
That crude reality is where the sense of rebellion (which the game’s whole emphasis surrounds) takes form. When supported by the diverse cast who live with you in that world, the unforgettable lessons taught after completing each dungeon, and a plethora of unparalleled story elements, P5 has encouraged tremendous replay value that most players still have yet to uncover the deep lore hidden within this gem’s seemingly innocent cover. With Persona’s minuscule player base (Chances are you’ve never heard of this game before) it was a wonder how it even gathered enough supporters to earn the Game of the Year nomination when compared to the juggernaut titles it’s going up against. But at the end of the day, the 5 games nominated stole the hearts of gamers across the world, and I believe it’s safe to say that in that aspect Persona 5 has stolen mine.

A Day in the Life of a Wrestler 04/20/2018

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By: Matt Meloni

Wrestling is a great sport because anybody can do it. In this sport, you wrestle people that are the same weight as you but can also be a lot stronger or more skilled than you. For this sport, size is not an issue, as it may be in other sports because you can weigh from 106 pounds to 285 pounds and be great. The sport of wrestling helps a lot of young people develop important qualities such as self-esteem, sportsmanship, work ethic, and leadership skills. Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport and teaches self-control and concentration, but not violence. Wrestling can dramatically improve one’s ability to perform in other sports.

When I stepped on the mat, it was a completely different world then any other sport I had participated in before. Before most of my matches, I would get chest crushing anxiety and when it was my turn to bring a win home for the team, I always gave everything I had to win. My goal was to crush anyone in front of me, and I didn’t care if they were a lot bigger or better than me, they would come off the mat hurting. In wrestling, you get, at most, two minutes per period and you have to do whatever you can to do to score as many points in that very little time you have. When you get taken down, you have to imprint it into your mind that someone is drowning you and you have to get out no matter what. Wrestling is hands down the hardest yet most fun sport anyone could play because you could lose one day, and be very mad at yourself for losing, and then a few days later you win and shine. In the end, wrestling changes everyone for the better and everyone should try it to have the chance to experience it. There is really nothing like it.

Collingswood High School Fall Sports Scores 01/19/2018

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Girls Soccer

Overall Record: 13-7-1

9/07: West Deptford, W 4-3

9/12 Overbrook, W 7-3

9/14 Haddonfield, L 0-2

9/18 Haddon Heights, W 1-0

9/20 Sterling, T 1-1

9/22 Lindenwold, W 6-0

9/23 Palmyra, W 3-2

9/26 Haddon Twp, L 0-1

9/28 Gateway, L 1-2

10/02 Audubon, L 3-4

10/04 Woodbury, W 6-0

10/06 Paulsboro, W 6-0

10/10 West Deptford, L 0-3

10/12 Overbrook, W 5-1

10/14 Woodstown, W 5-2

10/16 Haddonfield, L1-5

10/18 Haddon Heights, W 2-1

10/20 Sterling, W 2-0


10/30 New Egypt, W 3-0

11/02 Highland Park, W 3-1

11/06 Palmyra, L 1-2

Boys Soccer

Overall Record: 7-11-1

9/07: West Deptford, L 0-2

9/09 Palmyra, L 1-3

9/12 Overbrook, W 6-0

9/14 Haddonfield, L 0-5

9/15 Cumberland, L 0-2

9/18 Haddon Heights, T 1-1

9/20 Sterling, L 2-4

9/22 Lindenwold, W 3-1

9/26 Haddon Twp, W 2-1

9/28 Gateway, L 4-5

10/02 Audubon, W 2-0

10/04 Woodbury, W 1-0

10/06 Paulsboro, W 6-0

10/10 West Deptford, L 1-2

10/12 Overbrook, W 4-1

10/16 Haddonfield, L 0-6

10/18 Haddon Heights, L 0-1

10/20 Sterling, L 0-3


10/31 Bordentown, L 2-4


Girls Field Hockey

Overall Record: 10-11

9/05 Delran, L 4-6

9/08 West Deptford, L 0-2

9/11 Overbrook, W 7-1

9/13 Haddonfield, L 1-3

9/15 Haddon Heights, W 2-1

9/19 Sterling, W 3-1

9/21 Delsea, L 0-4

9/22 Woodstown, W 3-1

9/25 Haddon Twp, L 1-3

9/27 Gateway, W 9-0

9/29 Audubon, W 3-2

10/02 Maple Shade, W 6-0

10/06 Seneca, L 0-3

10/11 Overbrook, W 7-1

10/13 Haddonfield, L 1-9

10/16 West Deptford, L 1-5

10/17 Haddon Heights, W 3-2

10/19 Sterling, W 5-0

10/23 Camden Catholic, L 0-6

10/25 Clearview, L 1-2


10/31 Haddon Heights, L 0-1


Girls Cross Country

Win: CHS 26, Haddon Township 33

Win: CHS 22, West Deptford 39

Loss: CHS 31, Sterling 24

Loss: CHS 45, Haddonfield 17

Win: CHS 20, Audubon 35

Win: CHS 23, Haddon Heights 32

Win: CHS 15, Overbrook 50

Win: CHS 15, Paulsboro 50

Win: CHS 15, Gateway 50

Win: CHS 15, Lindenwold 50


Boy Cross Country

Loss: CHS 34, Haddon Township 23

Loss: CHS 39, West Deptford 16

Loss: CHS 39, Sterling 19

Loss: CHS 50, Haddonfield 15

Loss: CHS 31, Audubon 24

Loss: CHS 39, Haddon Heights 22

Win: CHS 15, Overbrook 50

Win: CHS 23, Pennsauken 34

Win: CHS 38, Gateway 40

Win: CHS 15, Lindenwold 46


Girls Volleyball

Overall Record: 9-15

9/7 Florence, L 1-2

9/8 Northern Burlington, W 2-1

9/11 Atlantic Tech, L 0-2

9/12 Gloucester Catholic, L 1-2

9/13 Moorestown, L 1-2

9/16 Pennsauken, L-1-2

9/16 Sterling, L 0-2

9/16 Rancocas Valley, L 0-2

9/19 Stem Civics, W 2-0

9/20 Rancocas Valley, L 0-2

9/26 Pennsauken, W 2-0

9/27 Burlington City, W 2-0

9/28 Our Lady of Mercy, W 2-0

9/29 Sterling, L 0-2

10/02 Florence, W 2-0

10/04 St. Joseph, L 1-2

10/06 Atlantic Tech, L 0-2

10/10 Burlington City, W 2-0

10/12 Northern Burlington, L 0-2

10/18 Pennsauken, L 0-2

10/24 Sterling, L 0-2


10/19 Notre Dame, L 0-2


Girls Tennis

Overall Record: 12-8

9/05 West Deptford, L 2-3

9/07 Haddonfield, L 0-5

9/11 Haddon Heights, W 5-0

9/12 Gloucester Catholic, W 5-0

9/14 Lindenwold, W 3-2

9/15 Overbrook, W 4-1

9/18 Haddon Twp, L 0-5

9/20 Audubon, W 5-0

9/22 Sterling, W 3-2

9/25 Delran, W 4-1

9/26 Paulsboro, W 5-0

9/27 West Deptford, W 4-1

9/28 Overbrook, W 5-0

9/29 Gateway, L 0-5

10/02 Haddonfield, L 0-5

10/03 Haddon Heights, W 3-2

10/04 Sterling, W 4-1

10/05 Palmyra, L 1-4

10/10 Northern Burlington, L 1-4

10/16 Kingsway, L-4


Boys Football

Overall Record: 3-6

9/08 Haddonfield, L 6-38

9/15 Delran, W 57-29

9/29 Buena, L 40-42

10/06 Audubon, W 12-6

10/13 Cinnaminson, L 0-28

10/20 Overbrook, L 22-45

10/27 Willingboro, L 22-45

11/03 West Deptford, L 0-49

11/09 Haddon Heights, W 40-33

Popular 01/11/2018

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By Sophie Steidle

“Popular: (to be) liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.” -Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Popularity. What does it really mean? Do you have to have beautiful glistening skin or designer clothes to be categorized as popular? Or do you have to be overwhelmingly outgoing, causing you to  join everything from the Spanish Honor Society to the track team? Sure, people may go around calling this or that individual popular, but that doesn’t mean anything if that statement is farthest from the truth. Almost everyone has probably had this stubborn question cross their mind and have stopped to think, “wait, what is popularity?” In the memoir, “Popular” by Maya Van Wagen the genuine meaning of popularity is discovered. One way of describing this flawless definition Maya writes about in her memoir is a diamond in the rough.

Popular takes place in a poverty stricken town on the border of Mexico. Maya, both the author and main character in Popular, describes some of the most terrifying incidents that occurred because of the unsecured border just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the middle school Maya was enrolled in. The entire premise takes place when Maya’s dad, who is known for collecting random second-hand objects, passes down a popularity guide titled, “Betty Cornell’s Teenage Popularity Guide.” Maya becomes engrossed in the book and challenges herself to follow Betty’s Tips and see if it truly transforms her into the gorgeous, sociable, popularity queen Betty promises in her book. Throughout the year Maya is forced to overcome many barriers and road-blocks in order to complete each chapter in Betty’s book, while simultaneously trying to survive middle school. While Maya completes her experiment, she comes to the conclusion that, Popularity is more than looks. It’s not clothes, hair, or even possessions. When we let go of these labels, we see how flimsy and relative they actually are. Real popularity is kindness and acceptance. It is about who you are, and how you treat others.”

Maya Van Wagenen writes a alluring memoir that has readers hysterically laughing, thinking, and keeping to the edge of their seat. I would recommend this book to any of those who may be unnoticed and have wondered what it would be like to be “popular,” or even for those who are going through high school, or middle school currently, where “popular” seems to be the most important label in the world. By reading Popular, readers learn that Popularity is just a word that everyone goes after like hungry dogs, even though in the real scheme of things it’s just a word.