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Fate vs. Free Will 04/02/2012

Posted by cwnewssite in Week 35.

By: Marissa Cole

Over the week, I got a question from my English class. There are seven questions and they really made me think about life. One of the questions was what is your definition of fate, and do you believe in fate or free will to control your life. This is what I put down: My definition of fate is what is supposed to happen in your life, it is your destiny. In our life I think we have free will. I do not believe you God controls your whole life. We make choices everyday in our life. If “fate” is meant to be, then it will be. God does not just make you who you are and decide you are going to go in life. By free will, your environment influences you on the choices you make. I believe that we get to choose what will happen in our life. If somebody wants to be a teacher, fate will not control that, that person will. That person will have to study very hard to be able to reach this goal of becoming a teacher. If you are adopted, you usually have some traits from your adopted parents. Your adopted parents influence you and guide you to be the person they want you to be. You can change that through free will and making your own decisions. Free will is the will to strive for what you want in your life.

Fate vs. Free Will is a very hard thing to determine. There are pros and cons for both sides. My opinion on life is that we are controlled by Free Will. Many scientists believe that our lives are controlled by fate, and that God puts you on the earth knowing exactly what is going to happen .I do not agree with this, I think we get to make choices everyday, which make us who we are. Some of our parent’s traits rub off on us, which is why we are similar to them. Our life though, in my opinion, is controlled by Free Will and the ability to make decisions. What do you believe in? Fate or Free Will?



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