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Senior Color Guard Member’s Last Wildwood 06/15/2017

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By: Eva van Laar

Prism Winter Guard loses 5 senior guard members after 2017 season.

The Prism Winter Guard finished their indoor color guard season at Wildwood, New Jersey. Making it to finals with a score of 85.55 in seventh place. The competition to Finals was extremely tight with the sixth place score being 85.83 from True Colors Independent and the 8th place score being 85.25 going to Rockville winter guard. The Prism Winter Guard continued to the finals and performed their last show of the season and for some their last show ever in a convention center at WildWood. The Seniors include Mia Paltrow Murray, Madison Davis, Abigail Kriel, Emily Henry, Lance Stock.

The most senior member was Abigail or more commonly known as Abby. She spent six years in the program and for the last two seasons completed her dream of acting as Guard Captain. Her duties include making sure information was distributed, setting up extra practices, hosting group activities and teaching newer members. Abby according to one color guard member was “ … a great teacher, leader, friend, speech maker, cheerleader and captain.” However she wasn’t alone Madison more commonly known as Maddy and Emily both joined the program a year after Abby. Emily for the 2017 Wilwood show had the spotlight with her role as the main soloist. Maddy worked hard with Abby to perform a difficult partner toss on her prefered weapon, rifle. According to many junior members they inspire to become like their seniors over the next few years.

With five seniors leaving this year the Prism Winter Guard is in need of new members. So earlier this month on May 3rd both guard and band programs invited people to watch and participate in a practice to recruit new members. The turnout for both was quite high, and one member stated that they had high hopes in the prospective members.  The outdoor season will begin soon after the summer begins but this time the guard will be without their 5 seniors and the new members as well as the old members will have to learn to become the best they can be without their support.




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