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Tennis Wars 06/15/2017

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By: Victor Zou

Many students here at Collingswood High School participate in spring sports, and they have come to an end. The tennis team’s record has taken a major drop since the year before with a record of 1 or 2 wins. With spirits down and a broken moral, the Coach Wayne gave a speech of how to end the sport season on a high note and to never give up. The team took the speech to heart and is trying their best in hopes of salvaging what is left of the season. Recently doubles team Hank Piper and Joe Bethusium have been influenced by this speech and have been doing exponentially better.

Since the beginning of the season the tennis team has had a stroke of bad luck. Senior, Matt Siv, first singles ranking number one on the tennis team, tore his ACL during his first game of the season. Towards the end of the season second singles Mark Moser was also injured, which has also taken a major blow towards the team. With spirits low and a broken morale the team were unable to pull in wins. Instead it was loss after loss until Coach Wayne, gave them a morale boost.  We decided as a team to go down swinging if anything and this reflected in the next game. One of the top teams, Haddonfield, was their next team game and although Haddonfield had crushed Collingswood at the beginning was different, they were determined to get some points on the board this time around. The tennis team didn’t win this game but instead learned from it having at least 1 to 6 all the way up to having at most 3 to 6.

The tennis team of CHS will be competing with opponents from all around the state in hopes of making it to the finals. In past years, the tennis team has made it very close but has never made it all the way to the finals, however, Collingswood tennis has never failed to bring down formidable and impressive teams. The team has made it into the branch and will be playing its first match on Friday 12 and will be fighting until the last breath they have and then some. How will they pull of the win or will they loss but go down swinging? Will they be able to move on to the other match and win Friday’s match? In other words will they end their season fighting or laying down and taking it?



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