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The 2017 Prom 06/15/2017

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By: Aidan Stanton

Prom is the last hurrah for seniors. One last night together as a class before we graduate and go our separate ways in the next stages of life. Prom was an amazing experience for anyone involved, from the amazing weather, to the stellar menu, to the fantastic playlist. The Camden Aquarium served as a great venue that provided both a unique atmosphere, and plenty of good places for pictures. The aquarium boasted a perfect sunset view of the Philadelphia skyline as the night began, setting the scene for the night that was to come. Dinner was served buffet style with a menu of delicacies, complete with an ice cream bar. Then came the dancing. The class crowded into the dance floor, and for a few hours, it didn’t matter who was friends with who, instead, we were all one family spending one last night together.

As the night came to a close, there were a few orders of business to conduct. Firstly, was the matter of choosing prom king and queen, which was done by the staff of the Aquarium. After the senior parade, it was decided that Ashley Riley and Jack Hastings would be the 2017 Prom Queen and King to much applause from those in attendance. The ensuing slow dance gave couples one more chance to be together before the night came to a close. It was an amazing event, that was capped of with classic “Come On Eileen.”  As the class began to sing along to the last song of the night, it was apparent how much of a success the night was, and how it would truly be a night to remember.

Also, we have fanny packs as reminders of the night, and fanny packs are the best.



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