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The Collingswood High School Annual Amazing Race 06/15/2017

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By: Dira Venable

On Thursday, May 25, five teams from all grades of the middle and high schools came together to compete in the annual Collingswood High School Amazing Race. The competition is based off of the real life television show where teams of 2 run around the world looking for clues to get to their next destination. Instead of traveling around the world, each team had to solve clues and perform tasks that would help in leading them to their next destination located somewhere on Haddon Avenue. Some locations included our very own PopShop, Wawa, police station, and even the Collingswood Manor. Tasks included having to chow down on an ice cream sundae as fast as possible, locate a certain brand of soda, take a picture behind bars, and do a dance for the members of the manor.

The overall experience of the race was fun, and I would one hundred percent recommend it to anyone who may be interested in doing it next year. It’s a great bonding experience for friends, and teaches the importance of communication and teamwork. It’s also cool to see new shops on Haddon Avenue that you may have never seen before. Additionally, the winners of the race get cool prizes like gift cards to PopShop. If none of this sounds enticing enough, there is free pizza and drinks too!



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