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Vinyl Music Making a Comeback 06/15/2017

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By: Chris Baldwin


Why collecting vinyl music is coming back and becoming collected by people of all ages. 

In a time when everyone is glued to their phones and earbuds are practically stuck in everyone’s ears, vinyl music has began to make a comeback.  People of all ages have began collecting the rather of antiquated form of listening to music.  In the early 2000’s vinyl had practically disappeared from society and CD’s and digital music were all the rage.  Now it seems as though CD’s and CD players sit on shelves as people have been breaking out the vinyl and turntables that they used in the 90’s.  Record companies like Erika Records are having a hard time keeping up with demand due to the sudden increase in vinyl. Since 2009 there has been a 260% increase in vinyl production.

Record stores have been popping up all over America selling old and new pressings of vinyl.  There are even a few in the area, including InnerGroove Records in Collingswood and the Haddonfield Record Exchange.    While many people buy the new pressings to collect, others like myself, prefer to buy originals from the 60’s all the way up into the 90’s.  Whether one prefers the new pressings or old, vinyl is still making a comeback.

People prefer vinyl for a number reasons.  The number one reason is that the quality of sound is better through vinyl and has more “warmth” when listening to music.  Another reason for collecting vinyl is the art.  People think that album covers are a lost art and that the revival of vinyl could bring back that lost art.  Whatever the reason for collecting vinyl, it is a great hobby for anyone to take up.  No matter what the taste of music there is vinyl for all with pressings old and new in Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Alternative.  










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