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CHS Baker’s Dozen 06/16/2017

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The Guidance Counselor’s got together and picked out their top thirteen seniors who they felt exemplified a willingness to excel, try new things, and represent CHS as great ambassadors.

Daniel Downing



Captain and first singles player of the girls tennis team

Cast member of every school musical and lead role senior year

Student council VP

NHS president

Member of concert choir and madrigals

Highlights of CHS Experience

Mr. Levin’s class sophomore year and taking AP psych.

Going to every homecoming dance and senior year prom and practicing my dance moves. Being in Shrek the musical and playing a wooden boy.

What makes CHS Special

CHS is special for so many reasons because of its amazing staff. The teachers here really care about the students and it completely changes the learning environment when you know you have at least one teacher who you can always go to for help. Our staff makes school fun and progressive, making sure that with each school year, we are more accepting of others than we were the last.

Andy Lu



Collingswood Tech Crew Senior Student Advisor/Tech Director.

NATAS Student Emmy Nominee

Boys Tennis Varsity Third Singles

Highlights of CHS Experience

My favorite memory is being part of the 2016 Boys Tennis Team as we went to Semi-Finals in the state playoffs for the first time in a long time. Everyone was great to be with, not just competitively as teammates but just as friends. The next biggest thing is when I was nominated for a student Emmy out of hundreds of other New Jersey and Pennsylvania participants. The one thing I won’t forget at CHS was Mr. Eboch’s retirement my junior year. We were all saddened to see him finally retire but I was happy for him because being with him for the last 7 years I saw how much everyday was taking his toll on him. I’m so happy to see him enjoy the rest of his life but I’m so sad that he, who has been such a huge cornerstone of Collingswood, is gone.

What makes CHS Special

What truly makes CHS special is just the quality of people who work and learn here. Some of my teachers were just great friends and helped me learn what I never would have understood by myself, and some others were just such “parents” that gave me so much advice on my problems both professionally and personally and a few have even became practically family. The students here are all such diverse but accepting people and that allows CHS to be a true cultural melting pot that I am proud to have been part of.

Elise McDowell



President of the TV Production Club

Completed CHAMP Gear Up Program 6th-12th grade

Won many awards this year

Won many medals running Cross Country

Highlights of CHS Experience

Getting to know all of the classmates I hadn’t graduated from middle school with (I used to be antisocial)

Participating in all of the activities-Paws Tv, musicals, etc.

Growing as a person here.

What makes CHS Special

All of the creative, unique classes.

The vibe throughout the whole school, it’s as if we all hold love and respect for each other.

The different opportunities CHS provides.

Jovon Allie



Football, Basketball, Beatmakers Club

Highlights of CHS Experience

Reindeer Games every year, Homecomings, and Prom. I will always remember the “Friday Night Lights”. Playing every Friday night was special to me. Being able to perform and show out for my school was always a great feeling.

What makes CHS Special

The atmosphere of the school is great. The support and help that we receive from the teachers helps make this school special.

Sydney Rathbone



Playing volleyball for 4 years, being selected for the West Jersey Interscholastic Volleyball League 2nd Team All-Conference, being inducted into the National Honor Society

Highlights of CHS Experience

Volleyball, GSA meetings, winning Powder Puff TWICE, dominating in spirit week, bonding with my class at reindeer games, and swimming with the fishes at prom will always be some of my favorite high school memories.

What makes CHS Special

CHS has opened its heart to me in more ways than one. Colls has something for everyone and has created such a wonderful and accepting high school environment that makes it really special. I have made relationships with teachers and friends that will impact my life forever. I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of so many extraordinary things thanks to CHS.

Amber Scirrotto



My High School accomplishments include excellence in art, the GSA club, winning the poetry slam Louder Than A Bomb with the LTAB team, getting an award for most improved in my class, and ultimately just getting through these four years of high school.

Highlights of CHS Experience

The highlights of my high school experience for me were being a part of the LTAB team and winning in 2016, all of the trips for the art classes with Mrs Lange, Mr King and Mrs Winkler, The Disney trip that I have had yet to go on but I’m sure will definitely be super fun, prom at the aquarium, and Graduation! Although I love it here I’m especially excited to graduate!!!

What makes CHS Special

What makes CHS so special is the teachers and staff. We have some pretty exceptional teachers that go above and beyond their duty of teaching. They are not only great teachers but great people who I will always appreciate for making my high school experience better. The acceptance they have with the LGBTQ+ community is amazing and their overall treatment towards us as students has really made high school special for me and for all of us.

Easton Aron



I accomplished breaking notorious school records of playoffs droughts. For example, ending a 21 year old drought of not winning just 1 playoff game. Same with soccer which was a 28 year old drought. I also accomplished being a 3 sport student athlete all 4 years of high school while being in many clubs such as Interact club and Student Council. But most of all, I accomplished finishing high school.

Highlights of CHS Experience

Some highlights are winning playoff games, going to sporting events as a Colls Crazies, and making new friends.

What makes CHS Special

I think the diversity of the school is so special, due to the fact no matter who or what you are everyone is excepted I feel like and everyone is kind towards each other. It’s like one big family.

Ethan Wright



First Team All Conference

Lineman of the week for the South Jersey Touchdown Club

Captain of the football team

Coaches Invitationals qualifier

Panthers Choice Award

Highlights of CHS Experience

Some of most memorable moments of my time at Collingswood High School include playing football with my childhood friends, attending the senior promenade, and helping to create a mural my junior year with Mrs. Lange. I also enjoyed taking the design tech course and trying out track this year.

What makes CHS Special

Many people don’t know that I grew up in Collingwood for 11 years, then suddenly moved to Georgia after the 5th grade. Starting off in a new school where I didn’t know anyone was tough, and I never once thought that I would move back to my hometown. Lucky the opportunity to move back appeared the summer of my sophomore year, and I was able to finish my high school career at Collingswood. What makes Collingswood high school special is the family. Everyone was so welcoming, it was like I never left! The football team felt more like a brotherhood than my previous team in Georgia. It was awesome to reunite with my childhood friends, and make new friends through the swim team and track. Lastly, the staff at Collingswood high school is one a kind, and they’ve taught me so much these last two years.

Meghan Rydzewski



I have been apart of Cappelli Crew, National Honor Society, Beat Makers Club, Interact Club and the French Club. And I played Soccer and Softball.

Highlights of CHS Experience

Everyone here at CHS made my experience unforgettable and it is something that I will cherish forever. The highlights that made my years so special were, Choir Concerts, winning powder puff two years in a row, Prom at the aquarium and of course Senior Trip.

What makes CHS Special

What makes CHS so special is the incredible staff who works so hard every day and is so selfless. Without them we wouldn’t be who we are, they shaped us into who we are today and I can’t thank them enough for all of their help and support. I will miss them all so much.

Zach Bille



Work: building supervisor, physical therapist aid (My Major), town gardener, pizza delivery

Volunteer work: mission trips, 5k helper

Extracurricular: Model UN, Toastmasters, Latin Club, NHS, Swimming, Soccer, school musical

Awards: Outstanding academic achievement(9), 2nd team all conference swim(11), 2nd team all conference soccer(11), 1st team all conference (12), paws for vets (scholarship, 12)

Highlights of CHS Experience

Senior trip, Reindeer Games, Winning a playoff game in soccer, being the captain of the soccer team, and the musical (Beauty and the Beast)

What makes CHS Special

The loving and caring staff and the good friends I have made over the years.

Ta’Quawn Watts



Being on Honor Roll for all of sophomore year and being on Principal’s List for the entirety of junior year. Beating my PR in Cross Country multiple times.

Highlights of CHS Experience

Seeing all of my friends at Homecoming and Prom. Cheering our school on in Football and Basketball games. Reindeer games, especially the donut eating contests. Talking to Woodlynne students on what to expect at CHS and my freshmen.

What makes CHS Special

The amount of people willing to accept something that is new to them. The diversity of CHS allows for people to easily form or join groups of friends without having to change themselves.

Zena Saifo



Student Council Executive Board, Student Council President, Board of Education Representative, Field Hockey Unsung Hero, Field Hockey Captain, NHS, Valedictorian

Highlights of CHS Experience

There were so many amazing experiences at CHS that I will never forget. A few events that that I really loved were all of our field hockey championship games, the senior citizen prom, reindeer games, prom, and senior trip.

What makes CHS Special

The bond between the staff and students at Collingswood is like no other. Students are always met with open arms by their teachers and everyone can rely on each other for help when it is needed. The atmosphere in this school is always positive and supportive.

Dylan McGowan



Theatre Arts Award

Film Award

Choir “Spirit” Award

Highlights of CHS Experience

All theatre productions, all of my TV classes, and choir.

California TV trip,Prom, and Carnegie Hall.

What makes CHS Special

All of the arts programs are excellent and well respected. The tv program is also amazing program and opportunity to learn college-level classes.



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