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Collingswood High School Fall Sports Scores 01/19/2018

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Girls Soccer

Overall Record: 13-7-1

9/07: West Deptford, W 4-3

9/12 Overbrook, W 7-3

9/14 Haddonfield, L 0-2

9/18 Haddon Heights, W 1-0

9/20 Sterling, T 1-1

9/22 Lindenwold, W 6-0

9/23 Palmyra, W 3-2

9/26 Haddon Twp, L 0-1

9/28 Gateway, L 1-2

10/02 Audubon, L 3-4

10/04 Woodbury, W 6-0

10/06 Paulsboro, W 6-0

10/10 West Deptford, L 0-3

10/12 Overbrook, W 5-1

10/14 Woodstown, W 5-2

10/16 Haddonfield, L1-5

10/18 Haddon Heights, W 2-1

10/20 Sterling, W 2-0


10/30 New Egypt, W 3-0

11/02 Highland Park, W 3-1

11/06 Palmyra, L 1-2

Boys Soccer

Overall Record: 7-11-1

9/07: West Deptford, L 0-2

9/09 Palmyra, L 1-3

9/12 Overbrook, W 6-0

9/14 Haddonfield, L 0-5

9/15 Cumberland, L 0-2

9/18 Haddon Heights, T 1-1

9/20 Sterling, L 2-4

9/22 Lindenwold, W 3-1

9/26 Haddon Twp, W 2-1

9/28 Gateway, L 4-5

10/02 Audubon, W 2-0

10/04 Woodbury, W 1-0

10/06 Paulsboro, W 6-0

10/10 West Deptford, L 1-2

10/12 Overbrook, W 4-1

10/16 Haddonfield, L 0-6

10/18 Haddon Heights, L 0-1

10/20 Sterling, L 0-3


10/31 Bordentown, L 2-4


Girls Field Hockey

Overall Record: 10-11

9/05 Delran, L 4-6

9/08 West Deptford, L 0-2

9/11 Overbrook, W 7-1

9/13 Haddonfield, L 1-3

9/15 Haddon Heights, W 2-1

9/19 Sterling, W 3-1

9/21 Delsea, L 0-4

9/22 Woodstown, W 3-1

9/25 Haddon Twp, L 1-3

9/27 Gateway, W 9-0

9/29 Audubon, W 3-2

10/02 Maple Shade, W 6-0

10/06 Seneca, L 0-3

10/11 Overbrook, W 7-1

10/13 Haddonfield, L 1-9

10/16 West Deptford, L 1-5

10/17 Haddon Heights, W 3-2

10/19 Sterling, W 5-0

10/23 Camden Catholic, L 0-6

10/25 Clearview, L 1-2


10/31 Haddon Heights, L 0-1


Girls Cross Country

Win: CHS 26, Haddon Township 33

Win: CHS 22, West Deptford 39

Loss: CHS 31, Sterling 24

Loss: CHS 45, Haddonfield 17

Win: CHS 20, Audubon 35

Win: CHS 23, Haddon Heights 32

Win: CHS 15, Overbrook 50

Win: CHS 15, Paulsboro 50

Win: CHS 15, Gateway 50

Win: CHS 15, Lindenwold 50


Boy Cross Country

Loss: CHS 34, Haddon Township 23

Loss: CHS 39, West Deptford 16

Loss: CHS 39, Sterling 19

Loss: CHS 50, Haddonfield 15

Loss: CHS 31, Audubon 24

Loss: CHS 39, Haddon Heights 22

Win: CHS 15, Overbrook 50

Win: CHS 23, Pennsauken 34

Win: CHS 38, Gateway 40

Win: CHS 15, Lindenwold 46


Girls Volleyball

Overall Record: 9-15

9/7 Florence, L 1-2

9/8 Northern Burlington, W 2-1

9/11 Atlantic Tech, L 0-2

9/12 Gloucester Catholic, L 1-2

9/13 Moorestown, L 1-2

9/16 Pennsauken, L-1-2

9/16 Sterling, L 0-2

9/16 Rancocas Valley, L 0-2

9/19 Stem Civics, W 2-0

9/20 Rancocas Valley, L 0-2

9/26 Pennsauken, W 2-0

9/27 Burlington City, W 2-0

9/28 Our Lady of Mercy, W 2-0

9/29 Sterling, L 0-2

10/02 Florence, W 2-0

10/04 St. Joseph, L 1-2

10/06 Atlantic Tech, L 0-2

10/10 Burlington City, W 2-0

10/12 Northern Burlington, L 0-2

10/18 Pennsauken, L 0-2

10/24 Sterling, L 0-2


10/19 Notre Dame, L 0-2


Girls Tennis

Overall Record: 12-8

9/05 West Deptford, L 2-3

9/07 Haddonfield, L 0-5

9/11 Haddon Heights, W 5-0

9/12 Gloucester Catholic, W 5-0

9/14 Lindenwold, W 3-2

9/15 Overbrook, W 4-1

9/18 Haddon Twp, L 0-5

9/20 Audubon, W 5-0

9/22 Sterling, W 3-2

9/25 Delran, W 4-1

9/26 Paulsboro, W 5-0

9/27 West Deptford, W 4-1

9/28 Overbrook, W 5-0

9/29 Gateway, L 0-5

10/02 Haddonfield, L 0-5

10/03 Haddon Heights, W 3-2

10/04 Sterling, W 4-1

10/05 Palmyra, L 1-4

10/10 Northern Burlington, L 1-4

10/16 Kingsway, L-4


Boys Football

Overall Record: 3-6

9/08 Haddonfield, L 6-38

9/15 Delran, W 57-29

9/29 Buena, L 40-42

10/06 Audubon, W 12-6

10/13 Cinnaminson, L 0-28

10/20 Overbrook, L 22-45

10/27 Willingboro, L 22-45

11/03 West Deptford, L 0-49

11/09 Haddon Heights, W 40-33


Popular 01/11/2018

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By Sophie Steidle

“Popular: (to be) liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.” -Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Popularity. What does it really mean? Do you have to have beautiful glistening skin or designer clothes to be categorized as popular? Or do you have to be overwhelmingly outgoing, causing you to  join everything from the Spanish Honor Society to the track team? Sure, people may go around calling this or that individual popular, but that doesn’t mean anything if that statement is farthest from the truth. Almost everyone has probably had this stubborn question cross their mind and have stopped to think, “wait, what is popularity?” In the memoir, “Popular” by Maya Van Wagen the genuine meaning of popularity is discovered. One way of describing this flawless definition Maya writes about in her memoir is a diamond in the rough.

Popular takes place in a poverty stricken town on the border of Mexico. Maya, both the author and main character in Popular, describes some of the most terrifying incidents that occurred because of the unsecured border just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the middle school Maya was enrolled in. The entire premise takes place when Maya’s dad, who is known for collecting random second-hand objects, passes down a popularity guide titled, “Betty Cornell’s Teenage Popularity Guide.” Maya becomes engrossed in the book and challenges herself to follow Betty’s Tips and see if it truly transforms her into the gorgeous, sociable, popularity queen Betty promises in her book. Throughout the year Maya is forced to overcome many barriers and road-blocks in order to complete each chapter in Betty’s book, while simultaneously trying to survive middle school. While Maya completes her experiment, she comes to the conclusion that, Popularity is more than looks. It’s not clothes, hair, or even possessions. When we let go of these labels, we see how flimsy and relative they actually are. Real popularity is kindness and acceptance. It is about who you are, and how you treat others.”

Maya Van Wagenen writes a alluring memoir that has readers hysterically laughing, thinking, and keeping to the edge of their seat. I would recommend this book to any of those who may be unnoticed and have wondered what it would be like to be “popular,” or even for those who are going through high school, or middle school currently, where “popular” seems to be the most important label in the world. By reading Popular, readers learn that Popularity is just a word that everyone goes after like hungry dogs, even though in the real scheme of things it’s just a word.

Gay Marriage 01/11/2018

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loveBy: Rieynda Newman

Marriage is normally associated with a man and woman, but it can be between two women or two men, and it wouldn’t hurt the community.  Even though some people believe that same-sex marriage violates the constitution and is unnatural, everyone should have equal rights. Same-sex couples should have access to the same benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Denying some people the option to marry is discriminatory towards many communities and seems to create a second class of citizens perceived to be lower. The acceptance of the LGBT community and acts of equality are also proven to decrease teen suicide, which is important for not only that community, but the world as a whole.

Before gay marriage was legalized, human beings weren’t allowed to have some basic advantages that were given to others freely. One of them was that if a partner died, the other person wasn’t able to be their beneficiary. In a heterosexual relationship, if that scenario happened, that other person would be the obvious beneficiary. Another case was when a partner was in the hospital, the other person wasn’t allowed to join them in the hospital room: a problem that no heterosexual couple had to face. In an article by ProCon, it stated that “An Oct. 2, 2009, analysis by the New York Times estimated that same-sex couples denied marriage benefits will incur an additional $41,196 to $467,562 in expenses over their lifetimes compared with married heterosexual couples.” Now that same-sex marriage is legalized, gay couples have most rights just like heterosexual couples.

On July 25, 2014, a judge named Sarah Zabel ruled Florida’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional and stated that the ban, “serves only to hurt, to discriminate, to deprive same-sex couples and their families of equal dignity, to label and treat them as second-class citizens, and to deem them unworthy of participation in one of the fundamental institutions of our society.” (Background). Sarah Zabel explained that this country has been fighting against discrimination of equality for a very long time. We have fought and will continue to fight for equal rights for racial minorities, women, those with disabilities, and now the LGBT community.

The most important reason why the LGBT community should have equal rights is that it decreases teen suicide. According to the journal published by pediatricians at The JAMA Network, suicide rates have decreased ever since same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015, “The rate fell 7% for the overall student population and 14% for those who identify as LGBT, or what the study calls ‘sexual minorities’” (JAMA). In that saying, The JAMA Network researched on how teens feel better by coming out and aren’t as closed off as before. Researchers have been collecting this data over the course of 17 years in 47 states and say that this event caused a large drop in adolescent suicides,  “Our results build on prior research indicating that state same-sex marriage bans were associated with increased rates of psychiatric disorders and that health expenditures decreased following implementation of a same-sex marriage policy in Massachusetts.” (Haelle).

Peer Pressure 01/11/2018

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peer-pressureBy Ayanna Jones

We, as teenagers, love the idea of partying with our friends and just living while we’re young, “Let’s say you were in a position where your friends were going to do something that you didn’t want to do. Sometimes your friends try to persuade you in different ways. Peer pressuring can be seen as both positive and negative. From the positive way your peer might try to persuade you to join and sport or club so you can get involved, to the more negative aspects such as your friend suggesting, ‘Hey, wanna go get a beer’ or maybe ‘Let’s go get a smoke, it will relieve the stress’”. Yes, as a teenager, breaking the rules and getting in some trouble makes life an adventure, but doing drugs and endangering others around you is not a good scenario to be a part of. Almost over 40% of teens are peer pressured to drink alcohol, smoke, or have sexual intercourse. Since our generation is big on peer pressuring, we need to simply know when to just “SAY NO”. Sometimes we think that we need to be in the “it” crowd and do whatever everyone is doing. Sometimes you can observe peer pressure in action, but it’s not very visible in our high school. We’ve all peer pressured a classmate before. Now, I’m not saying that peer pressuring someone that they need to join the “Social Justice” club is horrible, but there are always better ways to ask a friend to join something you’re interested in. Being peer pressured is never fun and avoiding such pressures is hard work. Some ways to prevent peer pressure are:

  • Give yourself permission to avoid people or situations that don’t feel right and leave a situation that starts to become uncomfortable.
  • Ask yourself “Does this really seem like me?” Am I sure that I’m okay with this?
  • Start to spend time with people who respects your decisions and won’t put pressure on you.
  • Lastly, remember that you can’t (and don’t have to) please everyone or be like everyone. It can be hard to accept, but you are unique and great the way you are

If you feel like you peer pressured someone, it’s not the end of the world. Everyone makes mistakes. You can still strive to become the good person you were meant to be.

The Fight For Net Neutrality 01/11/2018

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net neutralityBy Tyler Kolecki

The internet as we know it may soon be coming to an end. The beautiful, vibrant, world of creativity will be destroyed if the rules of Net Neutrality are lifted by the FCC. Net Neutrality, also known as Title II, is the basic principle of equality between all internet sites. The rules of Net Neutrality require that all websites have a level playing field. This includes load times, visibility, and accessibility. Sites under Net Neutrality are unaltered by what ever internet provider a person may have. This has been the reality ever since the internet was created. Under Net Neutrality the internet prospered into the amazing, imaginative place it is today. However, the World Wide Web is in danger. On December 14th, 2017, the Federal Communications Commision voted upon lifting these rules. If they lift Net Neutrality, your Internet Service Provider or ISP, can begin to slow connection times and hide or even block your favorite sites. The wonderful free internet we know would turn into cable internet, where sites like Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, and Youtube would be split into separate packages, each with a different price on top of your internet bill. If an ISP did not agree with a website’s views, they could make that site difficult to find or even block your access. ISPs would create fast and slow lanes, giving access to the fast lane only to the sites that have enough money to pay. Low level companies and startups would be virtually un-discoverable as they would not have enough money to pay the Internet giants. This is all happening because of the new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, a former high level Verizon lawyer. According to NPR, “his [Pai’s] repeal proposal would “stop micromanaging the Internet.” Instead his plan would require Internet providers to disclose what exactly they’re doing – for example, whether they allow some websites or apps to pay extra for faster streaming.” (NPR). The internet’s only hope now is the people. On July 12th, thousands of internet sites had pop-up ads and banners showing support for net neutrality. In addition to the sites, millions of people sent emails to congress to defend the internet. On December 7th thousands of people protested at Verizon stores all around the country. The only thing left to do is to wait and see whether or not the FCC votes yes on the repeal.

Oktoberfest 01/11/2018

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000159-273895-48421189 (1)000159-273895-48421257

By: Kordy Rea

Collingwood’s annual Oktoberfest was once again a highlight of the fall semester. The atmosphere is exciting, uplifting and chaotic in all the best ways. Live German music played throughout the cafeteria from the stage stationed by the front doors, the contagious beat made every person there, young or old, head onto the dance floor. The incredible food was provided by the families of the Collingswood German Club. Amongst the 375 attendees, there were 7 other schools that managed to come to the popular event. Available activities at every Oktoberfest include dancing, eating, singing, socializing and the ever popular german sport, Fingerhakeln. All of Collingswood comes together to make the night as wonderful as possible, with the restaurants and shops that line Haddon Avenue donating to the raffle at the end of the night, to the German Club selling shirts prior and decorating the Cafeteria. Chaley Klotz, a senior and proud member of the German club since 8th grade says, “I’m sad that this is my last Oktoberfest, but I can’t wait to come next year and celebrate with all my friends”. The high school german teacher and the event’s organizer, Herr Oehlers, was extremely happy with this year’s Oktoberfest, stating that, “It was a good time, like always”. He as well as the rest of the Collingswood German Club hope to share this iconic holiday with more people every year.

Football 01/11/2018

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IMG_4690IMG_4696By: Kate Schell

The football team ended their season with a 3-7 record, and although the record may not have been what the team hoped, the season was filled with accomplishments and moments of improvement. The team had an important overtime win against nearby rival Audubon, as well as a goal-line stand win against Haddon Heights. The team also had a 600-yard total offense against Delran. When asked, the head football coach stated that “we had some tough losses that could have gone either way. Key injuries made it hard as the season went on, but we’re very proud of the team overcoming adversity and competing every day till the end of the season.” This year Malik Dunbar-Kearney, Robert Upshur, and Abdul Bangura made 1st Team All-Conference, and JaQuan Paige made 2nd Team All-Conference. Michael Jenkins, Dahmir Blakney, and Aaron Carter were also all standout players and helped to lead their team throughout the season. The team is looking forward to next fall because they have many key players returning to key positions, so they are hopeful that they will have a season filled with more wins. The future looks bright for Collingswood football, and the players and coaching staff have complete faith in a great season next year!

Cheerleading 01/11/2018

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Copy of IMG_8704By: Kate Schell

As demonstrated at the pep rally, the cheerleaders work extremely hard all season long to get to where they are. They constantly supported the football players even though the season was not what they may have hoped. The head coach stated “the entire team stepped up this year, and helped us put on amazing pep rallies!” However, the girls did not only cheer at the football games and perform at the pep rallies, they also had team bonding and other fun activities. The cheerleaders often had team dinners and they even had a secret sister program throughout the season. The girls never gave up, even when things were difficult. Junior Charlotte Berryhill says that “the team got along really well this year and we had a great cheer season. I can’t wait for next year!” The cheer team will be losing valuable members next year who will be sorely missed. The cheerleaders of the graduating class were great leaders and mentors towards the underclassmen on the team and helped to make everyone feel like part of a family. Although they will be missed next fall, the team is hopeful and excited to see what happens in the upcoming seasons.

Cross Country 01/11/2018

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000159-273891-48420528000159-273891-48420530 (1)By: Kate Schell

Over the course of the past couple of years, the cross country team has grown rapidly. The team welcomed many newcomers this year, underclassmen and upperclassmen. At the end of the season, the girls had a record of 8-2 and the boys had a record of 4-6. Unfortunately, the girls missed states by only seven points, but they still showed astounding progress throughout the year. On both the boys’ and girls’ teams every runner improved their time from the beginning of the season. Many of the newcomers showed incredible development throughout the season, including Dana Colletti, Evelyn Fowler, Owen Marish, and Sophie Steidle. Steidle was also named to the 1st All-Colonial Conference team as only a freshman. Although the team welcomed many new runners, they were supported heavily by some of their veterans, including Brian Cole, Alecia Schlichting, and Donte Ramos. Leading the team were captains Mackenzie Wilhelm, Chang Liu, and Ethan Strohm, and they played a huge role in assuring that their teammates bonded together and felt a part of the cross country family. When asked about goals for next year, Ms. Hall stated, “I’m looking forward to the girls maintaining their success and the boys getting to a winning season.  We’ll try to work on keeping the runners healthy for the entire season.” With many middle school athletes that will soon be joining the team in the following years, the cross country team shows promise.

The National Anthem 01/11/2018

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NationalAnthem.jpgBy Asia Yarbrough

Whether or not people should stand for the National Anthem is a hot topic going on in America; especially pertaining to the NFL football players. In the last half century Americans have come closer together. Although we are progressing as a society, we still face a lot of adversity. A lot of Americans, specifically athletes, are finding ways to take a stand. Many are starting to kneel or raise a fist during the playing of the National Anthem. It’s their way of showing that they’re tired of the injustice towards African Americans from the American Justice System. They want things to change, and by kneeling, football players want to draw attention to the issues that they feel many Americans are oblivious to.

Colin Kaepernick, a component in the stand against injustices towards African Americans, has thoroughly expressed how he feels about the subject and mentions it publically. Kaepernick protests during the National Anthem, so much so that he is currently out of job. He has recently filed a collusion claim against NFL owners. He alleges that the NFL team owners colluded to shut him out of the league for kneeling during the National Anthem. In his lawsuit he’s also claiming that the owners deprive him of employment rights because he’s bringing awareness to unrecognized racial issues in America. In an interview with NFL Media, Colin Kaepernick says “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.¨ Despite other people’s opinion he has stood behind his beliefs and won’t settle.

Although Kaepernick is a major component in the protest of racial inequalities in America, other football players are taking a stand as well. Malcolm Jenkins is a football safety and defensive team captain for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although he doesn’t take a knee, he has been raising his fist during the National Anthem. According to CBSSports, Jenkins says that he doesn’t raise a fist for protest, but for racial equality and a much-needed reform to our criminal justice system.” Jenkins is also very fond of what Kaepernick is doing; he has even called out NFL owners. In an interview with Delawareonline.com, Jenkins says “This is just some other teams being, quite honestly, cowards, to say that they’re afraid of backlash to sign someone to make their team better when fans’ input has never been in the equation when it comes to signing people in the past.” He’s just another player that is taking a stand and trying to get people to realize that these issues can no longer be ignored.