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Tennis Wars 06/15/2017

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By: Victor Zou

Many students here at Collingswood High School participate in spring sports, and they have come to an end. The tennis team’s record has taken a major drop since the year before with a record of 1 or 2 wins. With spirits down and a broken moral, the Coach Wayne gave a speech of how to end the sport season on a high note and to never give up. The team took the speech to heart and is trying their best in hopes of salvaging what is left of the season. Recently doubles team Hank Piper and Joe Bethusium have been influenced by this speech and have been doing exponentially better.

Since the beginning of the season the tennis team has had a stroke of bad luck. Senior, Matt Siv, first singles ranking number one on the tennis team, tore his ACL during his first game of the season. Towards the end of the season second singles Mark Moser was also injured, which has also taken a major blow towards the team. With spirits low and a broken morale the team were unable to pull in wins. Instead it was loss after loss until Coach Wayne, gave them a morale boost.  We decided as a team to go down swinging if anything and this reflected in the next game. One of the top teams, Haddonfield, was their next team game and although Haddonfield had crushed Collingswood at the beginning was different, they were determined to get some points on the board this time around. The tennis team didn’t win this game but instead learned from it having at least 1 to 6 all the way up to having at most 3 to 6.

The tennis team of CHS will be competing with opponents from all around the state in hopes of making it to the finals. In past years, the tennis team has made it very close but has never made it all the way to the finals, however, Collingswood tennis has never failed to bring down formidable and impressive teams. The team has made it into the branch and will be playing its first match on Friday 12 and will be fighting until the last breath they have and then some. How will they pull of the win or will they loss but go down swinging? Will they be able to move on to the other match and win Friday’s match? In other words will they end their season fighting or laying down and taking it?


Last Dance 06/15/2017

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By: Emily Jackson

Yet again Mr. and Mrs. Whalen, along with the help of the Student Council have pulled off the perfect event: the Last Dance. This dance is traditionally attended by seniors and one of their parents, and is a celebration of the many accomplishments of students in their four years here at CHS. The night started with pictures, and a delicious dinner was served courtesy of Shamrock Deli. This was followed by dancing to music from both the 80’s and now, in order to please everyone. When awards were announced, our very own Mr. Gillespie was crowned King, and his date, Ashley Lopez was crowned Princess. As for Prince and Queen, the titles went to Jonny Shelly and his mom, Tina Shelly. Also among the winners were Kelly and Glen Schuehler for Best Look Alike, Emmah and Louis Evangelista for Best Dancers, CHS’s Mr. McConnell for Mr. Congeniality, and Mr. Chavez for best dressed. Fun times were had by all, and it was a great way to wind down senior year, all thanks to the Whalens and Student Council, and of course, our lovely parents and dates. 

Senior Citizen’s Prom 06/15/2017

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By: Emmah Evangelista

On Wednesday, May 29th, the Student Council hosted the Senior Citizen’s Prom at the Collingswood Community Center.  This is an annual event where all of the senior citizens in the Collingswood community are invited to participate in an evening of fun.  

As the guests arrive, there is a catered meal served to them by members of Student Council.  Afterwards, it is time to hit the dance floor, where a wide variety of classics are played for the senior citizens.  The students always partake in the dancing as well, being sure to spend time with the guests.  This event is one of the favorites of Student Council as we get to participate in the dance as well.  This year, we even had a senior citizens dance troop join us and make up line dances on the spot!

Additionally, each year, the Student Council helps crown the Senior Citizen’s Prom King and Queen.  These titles are awarded to two guests who are dancing and participating the most.  This year the queen was Joan Downing, and the king was Richard Brown.  Overall, it is a fantastic event that the students and the senior citizens look forward to each year.

Collingswood’s HOF Run 06/15/2017

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By: Amber Zelem

Even rain can’t stop this run!

On April 22, 2017 students, athletes, and adults all gathered in Knights Park to participate in the annual Collingswood Hall Of Fame (HOF) run. A 5k consisting of 2 laps around the park to run or 1 lap to walk. This run takes place to raise money and give back to the HOF which provides many things, including scholarships to the young athletes at the high school.

Though rain showers had been going on all morning, the runners held strong. The run opened with Mia Mitchell singing the national anthem as a nod to our great country. When all the participants had their shirts and numbers, everyone proceeded to walk up to the starting line. Ready, set, go and they were off. The walkers completed their one lap and anxiously awaited the first runner to cross the finish line. As people started coming in, they grabbed water and granola bars/fruit to refuel. Once everyone had finished, medals were given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each age group and gender. Everyone left the race feeling accomplished despite them winning a medal or not.

Technology Student Association 06/15/2017

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By: Pocket Pizzutillo

Collingswood Clinches TSA Nationals. The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a high school club designed to compete with schools in STEM related contests.

On April 8th, 2017, the Collingswood Technology Student Association (TSA) program competed against other NJ schools at The College of New Jersey.  TSA is a club designed to help middle school and high school students follow their dream in engineering.  Students compete in teams or in individual events such robotics, technology teaching and music.  

This is CHS’s first year in the TSA program.  Twenty students participated in various events and CHS placed in Future Technology Teacher and Music Production events.  These students will go to Florida for the National competition on June 21st.  CHS’s TSA is already looking towards next year and hopes to have more students participate.  

Hopefully when Collingswood returns from Florida, there will be more students ready to join TSA to help Collingswood’s numbers grow.


The Green Festival 06/15/2017

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By: Emmah Evangelista

Each year, Collingswood hosts the annual Green Festival, and this year there was plenty to be excited about!  The Green Festival is a town wide event that promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, in order to make the community more environmentally aware.  There are a variety of activities and areas, which provide the chance for everyone to learn and experience something new.

The Green Festival hosts a variety of vendors that all sell environmentally friendly products.  The Collingswood Farmer’s Market always takes part in the event, so there were many stands for fresh produce, plants of your own to grow, and other items like fresh cut flowers.  There were the more unusual vendors as well, like the one for environmentally friendly ice cream, or the one that offered advice on the vegan and vegetarian diets.  Others sold products like jewelry that was made completely from natural stones and other eco-friendly products.  There were stands selling organic teas and honeys, and hygiene products made from natural ingredients.  Many local businesses that can be found on Haddon Ave. were also there to advertise some of their more eco-friendly items.  There was certainly a stand for everyone!

Additionally, there was a kid zone where there was face painting of course, but more importantly, children could learn about being environmentally conscious through fun crafts and activities.  Each year features a different activity for the children to participate in.  This year there was an activity where the children could plant their own seeds to grow their own plant at home.

Additionally, Collingswood schools had their own stands this year.  The Collingwood High School Greenhouse was selling the various items they had grown throughout the year, including peppermint, thyme, and even varieties of flowers.  Additionally, there was a stand run by the middle school’s Mrs. Whitecar, which had a game for people to play.  The game was to sort the various trash items into the correct bins, such as trash and different kinds of recycling.  This was used to help spread awareness about correct sorting, and Mrs. Whitecar had helpful handouts to remind people of the correct places to put their garbage.

There were also many places where members of the community could drop off recyclable products in order to help reduce the size and dangers of landfills.  There were bins for electronics, paint cans, batteries, and even old shoes!  All of these items can be recycled, but only if taken to the appropriate facilities.  The Green Festival offered to take care of the labor if the members brought the items, and many of them did.  Members of the staff also helped educate on proper disposal of various items in order to make trash collection the most environmentally conscious it can be in Collingswood.

The entire festival is extremely fun and interesting, and each year you can learn something new.  Many Collingswood students were there to help, from weeding the public garden, running stands, and helping dispose of the items people dropped off.  The Green Festival is an event that is both wonderful to participate in, and can have a helpful impact on the world we live in.  Be sure to come out next year!

TCNJ Lacrosse 06/15/2017

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By: Lauren O’Neill

Will they make it all the way this year? TCNJ heads into the Sweet 16 with their eyes on first

TCNJ Girls’ Lacrosse has made it to the national final 4 three years in a row, only to lose in the same game every year. The team has had enough of the heartbreaking end of the season, and as a result, they have put everything that they have in them into this season. May 14th they won their game against Farmington State 19-6 advancing them into the sweet 16 that will take place Saturday May 27. If they continue their winning streak they will end up in Virginia for the final 4 once again. This time they do not plan on leaving empty handed, as they are in it to win it. Senior Ellie O’Neill said, “The season has gone so well, we have surpassed our standards and reached every goal we have set. I have enjoyed my last season so much, I know we will end on a good note.” They have become a family this year, getting closer each game. Mia Blackman says that she has enjoyed this season so much and she hopes that they can extend the season as much as possible. TCNJ is ranked first, with a stellar defense and an unstoppable offense. The goalie, sophomore Ronda says “I am very confident in the field players, they get everything done the right way. I love being able to play on this team everyday, they have become my best friends. We are all on our mission to win it all this year.” With all of them in the winning mind set, TCNJ players and fans believe that this year could be the year they walk off champions.

TCNJ will practice for the next week preparing for their next game. Each and every player and coaches full focus is on the success of this team. They will enter each game with excitement and a positive mind set. The end of the season is approaching soon, and this team just hopes that this year they can have a happy ending.  

Pennsylvania Regional Training Center Has Started Back Up 06/15/2017

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By: Gabriel Onorato

Starting on April 2nd, elite wrestlers are invited to practice at the University of Pennsylvania or Drexel University on Sundays.  The Pennsylvania Regional Training Center offers high level training practice for qualifying wrestlers looking to grow as wrestlers and individuals. The athletes that want to learn freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling are strongly encouraged to come. The goal of these practices is to help the wrestlers with technique, conditioning, and to become better people.

The programs give high school athletes the opportunity to wrestle with and learn from some of the best college wrestlers, college coaches, and PRTC wrestlers in the country. Drexel and Penn have some exceptional coaches and wrestlers who are they to participate and help out. PRTC has 4 wrestlers on their team that compete in the open competition level, like the Worlds or Olympics. These wrestlers include BJ Futrell, Chase Pami, Dan Vallimont, and Richard Perry. All 4 of these athletes have qualified for the world team trials. The head coach of the PRTC is Brandon Slay, the 2000 Olympic champion for the U.S.A. These coaches and athletes bring loads of knowledge and experience to the practice room. For athletes to qualify, they must have  won at least one match at a USAW World or Olympic Team Trials, placed top 8 at USAW Senior Open Championships, placed top 8 at USAW University National Championship, placed top 8 at UWW Junior National Championship, placed top 8 at USAW Junior National Championship, placed top 8 at USAW Cadet National Championship, placed top 4 at the High School State Championship, placed top 4 at the Prep National Championships, placed top 4 at USAW State Junior freestyle/Greco-Roman Championships, placed top 4 at USAW State Cadet freestyle/Greco-Roman Championships, placed top 4 at USAW Senior Regional, placed top 4 at New York Athletic Club International, placed top 4 at Dave Schultz Memorial International, or be a veteran athlete who has represented the U.S. within the last two years at the Veteran’s World Championships or is scheduled to compete at the next world championship event. They must also live within a 250 mile radius, have an active USA Wrestling membership, and complete the PRTC Athlete participation form. According to Coach Slay, “The area within a 250 miles radius of Philadelphia should be considered to be the hot bed of wrestling in the United States.” Most of the best open level athletes, like Jordan Burroughs (2012 Olympic Champion), are within that range.

The PRTC is one of the best, if not the best, practice room for a wrestler to get into. If you qualify I hope to see you there! Make sure you qualify, check the schedule, and make your way across the bridge or the simple drive from in state to become a better wrestler.

Collingswood High School’s Informance Concert 06/15/2017

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By: Kate Schell

On March 30th, 2017, the Collingswood Arts Department held an informance concert for any interested students. The purpose of an informance concert is to showcase the abilities of the students in the class. It is a way for students interested in taking up an instrument or joining choir to see the types of songs that we choose and how we spend our rehearsals. However, songs are not the only things performed at the informance, some arts decided to show their audience exercises that they do during class. For example, the choir, under the direction of Ms. Cristin Introcaso, exhibited some of their talents through sight reading a piece of music she handed them on the spot. She also went through some of the vocal warmups that they do on a daily basis, in order to get their voices ready for singing that day. This shows interested students the atmosphere and routine of the classroom everyday.

At the informance concert, the high school and middle school orchestra performed small sections from pieces that were being prepared for the Spring Concert in May. There was also a piece performed that was actually a student composition. This piece was composed and conducted by Evelyn Fowler, a freshman in the orchestra program, to showcase the composition project done in class. The jazz band performed parts of their songs, with solos from many of their members. As mentioned, the choir sang some of their songs. During one of their songs they were accompanied by the orchestra quintet, in their piece, “All You Need is Love.” Not only did high school students perform, but kids from the elementary school band, choir, and orchestra, showed everyone that anyone can be a musician, no matter how young they are. Overall, the night was successful, and Collingswood hopes to be able to do it again next year, as their art programs continue to grow.

Prism Winterguard in Wildwood 06/15/2017

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By: Abby Kreal

The 2017 indoor color guard season has just come to an end as many color guard, dance, percussion, and wind ensembles competed in finals May 4th- 7th at the Wildwood Convention Center. Representing Collingswood High School, Prism Winterguard took home a silver medal at chapter championships, performing their show “11”, based on the Apollo 11 space mission. After the amazing preliminary performance in Wildwood, Prism was able to make finals, placing in the top seven guards and finishing with a score of 85.55. Because of this, they were able to perform in the beautiful Wildwood Convention Center in front of many people for their finals performance. Color guard senior Emily Henry says “I have learned so much throughout all the years I’ve been a part of this program. Going to Wildwood to compete was a great way to end my last season; it was successful and such a great time!” Overall, Prism has had a very successful season, and has made Collingswood proud through all of their hard work and dedication to their sport.