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German Article 04/25/2018

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By: Sophia Oehlers

This year the German class once again participated in their annual traditions. Starting with Oktoberfest in the beginning of the year and moving on the simpler, craftier projects.

         In the few days before Christmas break, the students participate in building gingerbread houses. This year, the senior class decided to work as one conglomerate to achieve greatness. At the end of day one, that seemed impossible. But together, they salvaged their creation and made a passing resemblance to the White House in Washington, DC. Other houses featured were a ship, constructed by a group of juniors, and many original town-like creations. Overall, even though they did look amazing, the annual gingerbread building is about teamwork and having fun.

         The latest crafty tradition was the creation of carnival masks. Each year, during the widely celebrated German holiday, the German students put their crafting skills to the test. They make carnival masks out of paper plates, construction paper, and markers. Every year the masks become better and are a key decoration in the German room for the remainder of the school year.


Knit Wits Ad 04/25/2018

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By: Madeline Haag

Have you ever wanted to do something that was not only satisfying for yourself, but something that can truly stick to a person forever? Giving the gift of these handcrafted crocheted hats to newborns of mothers with heart conditions is a present that any mother would be grateful for! The creation of these hats will not only warm the heads of the premature babies who will be receiving them, but give warmth in your own heart that no other action could quite bring. Stitch by stitch, you too can create a gift of warmth and happiness to the mothers’ branch of the American Heart Association. Join Knit Wits Club today with Mrs. Heineken in enrichments on days 2, 4, and 6!  

Fortnite and It’s Impact on Battle Royale Games 04/25/2018

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By Sam Rodio

Battle Royale, the fight to the death where only one can be left.  One of the newest games, Fortnite: Battle Royale, gives you have the ability to “build” and which creates a fun atmosphere with cool battles. The ability to get out of bad situations by building makes the skill level in Fortnite range from new/bad to just plain insane. Not being able to drive makes battles more interesting and really spices up the Battle Royale Gaming Experience.

Fortnite: Battle Royale has made an impact on many other gaming communities and developers. Many gaming communities want to have developers like Epic, listening to their suggestions and bug fixes. There aren’t many gaming corporations and developers that listen to communities nowadays because of microtransactions. Microtransactions make you pay your own money to get in-game skins and currency (which are purely cosmetic items).

Epic has made a game before they made their money back from making Fortnite. A gaming company, named EA or Electronic Arts, has made many different announcements about continuing having microtransactions in their game, which makes many of their fans turn away. In one of EA’s newest games, Star Wars Battlefront 2, you had to use real life money in order to buy different skins that would make you win the game. PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the best Battle Royale style of game until Fortnite came out. Bluehole Studio Inc., the creator of PUBG hasn’t listened to their community much and their game is breaking because of it. You can grow your game before adding microtransactions and Epic proved that.

Fortnite listens to the community and knows that some of their guns, like the Pump Shotgun had issues because it was too overpowered. You could use 2 Green Pumps together and kill many people at a time because of using that mechanic. Double Pump was a new way of playing, or a meta where you could have two green pumps and they would be very powerful and made for easy kills. Epic made a post on Reddit, detailing the changes they were planning to make. The post called “Pump Shotgun Reload Changes” was made eleven days ago and Epic stated that before the new Battle Royale Season 3 Update, they would make you have to reload the pump before you could double-pump. This was a welcome and good change to the Fortnite community because now you would have to change your playstyle because the pump would be not as powerful.

Epic also does another special thing to their community that not many developers do. In turn, using different ways of social media, many people will buy the game. They make monthly videos on their YouTube channel stating the changes they plan to make and fix before another update. This gives transparency and that makes them one of the best developers. They state their mistakes, so they can push forward and make the best game they can while gaining a player base. Only very few gaming devs/developers can be transparent while continuing to grow their game.

In an interview, I asked Danny Royds how Epic competes against other gaming developers, “Epic is truly a special development company. I feel as though they are not greedy and they listen to their community.”

Epic has proven to the people that it wants to keep their game and build their community. While other developers have failed, Epic hasn’t. From PUBG to Star Wars Battlefront 2, Epic has proved to the developers that they don’t want your money, they want you happy with their game. Lastly, Epic is a company that truly deserves the spot they have in the gaming community, and they love their fanbase, not the money that they get from them.

The Walkout 04/25/2018

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By: Franki Kootcher

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, with the help of our teachers, administrators, and staff, we were able to organize a rally in support of the victims and families of those who suffered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This event took place on February 14, 2018. Seventeen students and staff members did not make it home from school that day. Many of the students here at Collingswood read off these victims names at Wednesday’s rally in memory of those lives lost. A few select students even chose to write their own speeches emphasising kindness, unity, support, and safety at our school. The Collingswood High School and Middle School choir did a great job in leading a sing along to the song ‘We are the World’. The students and staff did a great job at keeping this rally as a show of kindness, unity, and support and keeping it away from the controversial side of things. Most students showed much respect during and after the rally. Regardless of your political views, I think we can all agree that we are the generation that has a voice to make a change and can stand up to violence to keep our schools safe so that nothing like this ever has to happen again. “We are the world, we are the children.” And as Gandhi once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Overall the rally, and sing along, was a really supportive, unifying, and beautiful thing that we, as a school and community, were able to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to those students who spoke.

Incredibles 2 04/25/2018

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By: Kevin Glaze

The stretchable, invisible, fast, and strong family will be back on the screen on June 15, 2018. The Incredibles 2 will be a sequel to the Incredibles from November 5, 2004. In the first Incredibles, Mr. Incredible, Bob Parr, is a superhero who is very controversial in the way he saves lives. He then gets married to another superhero, Elastigirl, and has to take care of his three children. They both try to regain “normal” lives while the government banned all superheroes. The movie was based on the struggles the family had trying to “fit in” with the world without using superpowers. The new movie, The Incredibles 2, focuses more on Mr. Incredible trying to handle the struggle of three kids, while wife, Elastigirl, is back in action to save the world. After the government calls Elastigirl back to work, Mr. Incredible notices superpowers in his baby. The movie shows how Mr. Incredible finds out how to handle his baby’s superpowers and keep them under control. The movie has many new family aspects.

The Incredibles 2 shows the dad’s side of taking care of three kids. The movie trailers share clips of the movie involving Mr. Incredible falling asleep while reading to his baby, and not knowing how to answer a math problem the way it’s taught nowadays. The movie shows the struggle of being a dad, keeping a job, and making the family happy. The same struggles many families have today. This movie is very relatable in some way to most families in the world today. Of course, the superpowers are not realistic, but the family aspect of it is very entertaining and more modern in today’s society. The first Incredibles Pixar movie has been loved ever since its first release in 2004. Since the ratings kept going up and up, the new movie was created for more entertainment amongst families. This movie is highly anticipated by people who have seen the popular movie. Many are expecting action, comedy, and family aspects to the funny and intriguing topic of the movie. So, come out and see The Incredibles 2 in theaters on June 15, 2018.

Culture Fest 04/25/2018

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By Maura McCallion

The Collingswood Culture Fest, hosted by the Collingswood High School, is returning on Thursday, May 17th! It will be held in the cafeteria from 6pm to 8pm, so come to mingle with diverse cultures and learn about different viewpoints, perspectives, and religious and cultural traditions. There will be numerous speakers from various backgrounds, which last year included Irish, French, Jamaican, and Hispanic cultures. There will also be a variety of traditional food choices from many cultures, which will give you a taste of cuisine from other backgrounds.  Students from different language clubs in the school will be hosting tables that have fun activities to educate others about the different cultures taught at Collingswood High School. Bring your family and friends to experience the diversity found in our community!

PhilMUN 04/25/2018

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By: Maddy Verdone

2018 is the 5th year the Collingswood Model UN Club has attended the Philadelphia Model United Nations conference. This year, Collingswood has extended its club to over 20 members. This conference, senior Theresa Connelly won Collingswood’s first Model UN award for ‘Most Improved Delegate.’ She represented William Adu-Krow of Guyana in the Pan American Ethics Review advanced committee.

The rest of Collingswood’s Model UN members represented the countries of Guatemala and the Bahamas to discuss many different matters like wildlife conservation, developing sustainability in protected areas, femicide, domestic work, attacks on education and civil societies, the illicit small arms trade, promoting free and fair elections, and many more. The club represented their delegations well and can’t wait until next fall’s Rutgers Model UN conference!


Blood Drive 04/25/2018

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By Kordy Rea

The Blood Drive is a staple in the CHS yearly calendar. One of our many charitable opportunities throughout the year. Although this donation is very different from any other type, it is probably the most important donation a student/person can make. As children and young adults, we are unable to give to many of the charities we’d like to, but the blood drive allows us to give what we can.

Students aged 16 and above height and weight limits used the gymnasium to donate on February 23. Next year, it will be around the same time. So go out and donate. Make the world a better place. Save a life.

It’s one of the many worthwhile opportunities we offer at CHS that helps students make a difference.

Star Wars 04/25/2018

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By: Joseph Degenhart

The smug, sarcastic smuggler is coming back on to the big screens in May of this year. For those of who who aren’t familiar with the movie, Star Wars is a sci-fi movie franchise with spaceships, aliens, futuristic weapons, and beautiful pieces of music. They are directed by John Williams and Michael Giacchino. But I digress, the trailer for the new installment was released on February 5th. Fans of the popular movie franchise Star Wars, have seen the trailer for the movie Solo. The trailer contains a high-speed car chase controlled by Han Solo. This is before Han Solo met famous characters Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Instead of one of these more popular characters, there is a new character named Qi’ra played by Emilia Clarke. Han Solo’s voice comes in and gives a soliloquy about some of his experiences. The trailer shows some new characters, as well as renowned characters such as Lando Calrissian, played by Donald Glover, and Chewbacca. Instead of Episode IX, this year they are going to release the Solo movie, which rather than progressing the story, tells a bit more about our favorite smuggler. Some people have seen the movie as milking the Star Wars franchise, while some people see it as a new big break. I have mixed feelings about the movie trailer. Everyone practically grew up with Star Wars and the memorable characters with personality and mystery. Personally, I have always loved Star Wars. The action, adventures, and the fights captivated me, and I fell in love with the movie franchise.

But when I saw the trailer, I felt like it was too cliche. A person who is troubled and lost due to some unfortunate event saves the world,  becomes a hero, and there we have it! 10 more movies about the character being a hero. I was a bit disappointed in what I saw; I craved more story telling, lore, easter eggs hidden in the trailer (although it was a treat to see the Millenium Falcon in its better years).

Star Wars fanatic Aron Arnarson says, “I thought the trailer was underwhelming because seeing some else playing Han Solo isn’t as exciting as seeing Harrison Ford… but I’m definitely going to see it.”

Another Star Wars fan Vaughn Colestock says, “I believe I would do a lot better playing Han Solo.”

Overall, the new movie seems like it will be underwhelming and a bit cliche. Hopefully, the actual movie will change these Star Wars fanatics’ opinions as well as my own.

Girl’s Indoor Relay Win for Collingswood 04/20/2018

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By Sophie Steidle

As I stood near the finish line awaiting the loud booming voice over the loudspeakers to announce the final score for the girls’ group 1 relay team championship title, my stomach felt tied in knots. The suspense hung in the air like a thick cloud clearly hanging over every member of the girls’ indoor team. With fantastic performances by our 4×200, 4×400, 4×800, and Distance Medley, leading to three-second place finishes and one fourth place finish, the odds seemed to be in our favor. But with Willingboro HS hot on our heels in the team standings, the title was up for grabs. Although our team was able to hands down beat Willingboro in some of our events, strong performances in the High Jump relay and 55 hurdle meter dash relay resulted in a quick gain in points, causing Willingboro to close the gap and, even at one point, gain the lead.

The entire day seemed to be an emotional and physical rollercoaster, from running races determined to win, to stressing about team points and strategically thinking about what physically we had to do to either keep the lead or gain the lead.

As I was waiting impatiently for the groundbreaking announcement, I found myself reflecting upon the myriad of races that took place earlier that day. Counting points in my head, hoping that it was enough, hoping that we’d get the win. With a crack of static that startled my teammates we all knew it was time. “In third place, Metuchen High School.” As my heart raced similar to me earlier I felt as though it might jump out of my chest causing my stomach to start to tie itself into even tighter knots. “In the second place, Willingboro High School.” Relief hits me like a brick wall. I’m overcome with joy! I can feel the giant block of stress melt away from me leaving my body feeling light. Instead of heavy legs exhausted from the pounding of the brick colored rubber track, I find myself smiling a crescent moon smile, unable to stop. All of my teammates including myself let our legs take over and we run to each other in open arms. Even now, as I reflect on that Saturday I couldn’t have asked for a better memory so perfect for my Freshman year, waiting with my teammates and my friends for the results. Cheering for each other and celebrating with each other is an amazing experience. We’re always happy for each other when one of us has received a new personal best or qualifies for Group Championships or Meet Of Championships. Being supportive and happy for each other is the true meaning of a team.